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Ceros Platform | Ceros.


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Wilson’s Greenlight Leads North Carolina in Fast Internet

Publication Date:

December 5, 2012


Todd O’Boyle, Common Cause

Christopher Mitchell, Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Following the collapse of key industries, a town of 50,000 in eastern North Carolina had to make a hard choice. It wanted to support existing businesses and attract new ones but the cable and telephone companies were not interested in upgrading their networks for cutting edge capacity.

So Wilson decided to build its own fiber optic network, now one of the fastest in the nation, earning praise from local businesses that have a new edge over competitors in the digital economy. In response, Time Warner Cable lowered its prices and modestly boosted available Internet speeds, contributing to the $1 million saved by the community each year.


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Business Source: Ron Paul Makes Case for Parallel Currency in U.S


Parallel Currencies And The Roadmap To Monetary Freedom

It may not be as historically significant as President Nixon closing the gold window in 1971, but Rep. Ron Paul laid out the framework for the inevitable monetary confrontation of the future in his final U.S. Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee hearing on “Sound Money: Parallel Currencies and the Roadmap to Monetary Freedom.”


Full review of Ron Paul Case.


Business Source: Ron Paul Makes Case for Parallel Currency in U.S.

What Is a Portal Business Model? |

What Is a Portal Business Model?

by Dana Griffin, Demand Media

The portal business model was born with the Internet. The number and use of these portals is growing along with the number of products they offer. The framework of the business must be flexible because the industry is highly volatile and sees nearly constant change.

Portal business models provide entry to content or services on the Internet. Search engines are portal business models that include many kinds of content and services. They are profitable for advertisers because they draw a large amount of user traffic. Many offer the user ways to customize their interface making the portal even more alluring.



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What Is a Portal Business Model? |